Sunday, August 23, 2009

E. U. DOINGS, Puzzle by Phil Ruzbarsky, edited by Will Shortz

PRESSED THE FLUSH (23A. Used a push-button toilet?), IT’S PAST MY BUD TIME (40A. “I can’t drink beer this late”?), BUTTER BUSINESS BUREAU (56A. Dairy regulator?), THE UMPIRE STRIKES BACK (77A. Baseball official gets revenge?); WORKS WITHOUT A NUT (93A. “The bolt alone is sufficient”?) and THE LITTLE RED HUN (114A. Story of a small Communist barbarian) are the interrelated group of this Sunday crossword.

The links -- BEEFEATER (68A. Yeoman of the British guard); MAGNET (30A. Kind of school); NO EXIT (3D. Sartre play set in hell); TOP HAT (94D. Cane accompanier, maybe); WASABI (93D. Mustardy condiment), ALLIE, EWELL, OSAKA (63A. It was destroyed by Godzilla in “Godzilla Raids Again”), DALI (74A. “The Hallucinogenic Toreador“ artist), DORR, MOA, SEAU


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