Nighthawks -- Edward Hopper, 1942
Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Puzzle by Michael Langwald, edited by Will Shortz

What’s on the menu? Well, TBONES (4D. Butchers’ offerings); FIGS (12D. Big Turkish export); KIWI (59D. Fuzzy fruit); SPUD (33D. Tater); ...EGGS (20A. Break- fast specialty of a rock singer?); ...STEW (39A. Lunch specialty of an Emmy-winning actor?); and ...STEAK (57A. Dinner specialty of an R&B singer?). This
short-order crossword puzzle dresses up the last three items on the menu with grill men -- GLENNFREYSEGGS, PETERBOYLES STEW, and SAMCOOKESSTEAK, a/k/a fry, boil, cook, yet no SAUTE (55D. Brown, perhaps). You can order a CAB (62D. Certain red wine, informally), however, no soup, salad, or Joe!

Sorry to eat and run, but I’m out of here!


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