Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Puzzle by Peter A. Collins, edited by Will Shortz

Three entries across the middle of the grid read HALF DOZEN EGGS (36A. With 38- and 40-Across, grocery purchase … or what can be found in some other Across answers in this puzzle), (38A. See 36-Across), (40A. See 36-Across).

There are six across entries in the crossword that contain the letters EGG -- KEGGERS (17A. Fraternity parties), LEGGING (18A. Ankle-to-waist wear), ARPEGGIO (19A. Harpist’s progression), PEGGYSUE (55A. 1957 Buddy Holly hit), BEGGARY (57A. Extreme poverty), and “Eat your VEGGIES!” (mom’s order). -- after all those eggs, vegetables would be welcome!

Other long answers include PALETTE (1A. Choice of colors); BOBCATS (8A. Charlotte hoopsters); AGONIES (15A. Extreme pains); ONEIDAS (16A. Native New Yorkers); MALARIA (63A. Tropical woe); ENGARDE (64A. Fighting words); SKITTER (65A. Move quickly [over]); BEGORRA (10D. Irish exclamation); RAMPART (42D. Castle fortification); and GRIZZLING (20D. Turning gray).

Six letter entries include ENGAGE, TIEROD, BOLGER, MISADD, IMELDA, ENGINE, SIGMAS, MAGYAR (46D. Hungarian), SLUGGO, ALEGAR, AMIGOS, NARNIA, ADDERS, and ILLEST (51A. Coolest, in rap slang).

Five-letter, TERPS, ONEIF, ALOHA, ASFAT (35D. Comparable to a pig), EERIE, ISENT, REFRY, LIMED, SANAA, and AMEAN. Four-letter, ESSE, ADIA, TANG, SSGT, YORE, FETA, ABMS, PEAK, UGLI, YVES, ROES, and DATA. Three-letter, PAK, AGE, LOG, CIG, MAO (28D. Red leader), YDS, NNW, EON, GAT, IRE, EDU, SEP, AGT, MIR, OSE, YAZ, LOW (43A. Moo), IMF, MIN, and APU.

The remaining clues -- Across: 21. F.B.I. worker: Abbr.; 22. Pancho and the Cisco Kid, e.g.; 25. Prepare, in a way, as beans; 27. Like some treated lawns; 28. Launch of 2/20/86; 29. Some deer; 32. Sugar suffix; 33. 1960s’80s Red Sox great, informally; 34. Locale of seven C. S. Lewis novels; 41. Milk snakes; 44. Global financial org.; 45. Facts; 46. No. before or after a colon; 47. Yemen’s capital; 49. “You’re AMEAN One, Mr. Grinch”; 52. Kwik-E-Mart owner on “The Simpsons”.

Down: 1. Nuclear power since 1998: Abbr.; 2. Turn gray, say; 3. Captain’s charge; 4. Captivate; 5. Steering system component; 6. Univ. of Maryland athletes; 7. Latin infinitive; 8. “The Wizard of Oz” scarecrow portrayer; 9. “ONEIF by land…”; 11. It might be bummed, for short; 12. “ADIA, I do believe I failed you” (opening of a 1998 hit); 13. Aftertaste, e.g.; 14. Army NCO; 22. You might get it coming and going; 23. Say 2 + 3 = 6, e.g.; 24. Marcos of the Philippines; 26. Days of YORE; 30. Driver; 31. Summating signs; 33. Gridiron stats: Abbr.; 34. Point just past 11 on a clock: Abbr.; 37. Greek salad ingredient; 39. Long time; 47. Nancy’s pal, in the comics; 48. Sour brew; 50. Spooky; 51. ISENT a Letter to My Love” (Simone Signoret film); 52. Some mil. Defenses; 53. Like some airline ravel periods; 54. Wrinkly fruit; 58. Actor Montand; 58. Gangbanger’s gun; 60. Dander; 61. Follower of “harvard”; 62. Back-to-school mo.

It’s always possible to learn something new from a crossword puzzle… or is it? Today, I’m supposed to believe that a GAT, besides being a gangster’s gun, is also a gangbanger’s gun. I’m tempted to google gangbanger against gangster, but would probably just come up with deviled yeggs!


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