Play Ball!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Puzzle by Paula Gamache, edited by Will Shortz

Reverse and/or revise a few clues and this puzzle has its share of inter-related entries --
VISITORSDUGOUT (26A Where Yankees are found at Shea); BALLPARKFRANKS (40A Fan fare?); LICENSEFEE (1A Bit of income for the Department of Motor Vehicles); GRANDSLAMS (59A Rod Laver won two); BACKTOBACK (12D Consecutive); ITSALLGOOD (27D “Everything’s cool”); SCHOTT (6D Controversial 1980s-’90s baseball team owner); USTA (47D Court org.); TDS (55D Cowboys’ concerns, briefly); FOES (8D They’re not for you); TOSS (30A Put into a 35-Down); AIMAT (25A Target); YADA yada yada (58A When tripled, “et cetera”).

Other long entries include such odd-ball items as ETHNICVOTE (15A What someone might win after stumping a cultural group?); GOATCHEESE (17A Greek salad ingredient); BASICTRUTH (53A Axiom); ARTOODETOO (57A Witness to Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala’s secret wedding); ENTERSON (4D Begins);
MINSTREL (36D Oldtime entertainer); EEEWIDTH (10D Big shoe spec); TRASHBAG (35D Waste product); ASIANFUSION (25D Cuisine that may be served with a chork); and EVERSOSORRY (7D “A thousand pardons”).

Additional clues, across: 11. Waist products; 16.
Russian car; 18. Seventh-century year; 23. Two-timing types; 31. Dry out; 32. They’re taken to the cleaners; 33. Dude; 34. Y.M.C.A. member?: Abbr.; 35. Ark contents; 36. 16 and Seventeen, for short; 37. UPA tree; 38. Hatch in politics; 39. Doesn’t quite mash; 43. Stinko; 44. One-eighties; 45. “Jeez!”; 47. Amer. capital; 48. Flawlessly; 52. Corner piece; 56. Snatch, slangily.

Down: 1. LEGG Mason (asset management firm); 2. “ITOO, dislike it” (start of Marianne Moore’s “Poetry”); 3.
Fictional character who first appeared in “The House Without a Key; 5. Robertson of CNN; 9. Big-headed sorts, for short; 11. Candidate for the proverbial glue factory; 13. Frivolous; 14. Related; 22. Don in the National Radio Hall of Fame; 24. City where Cezanne was born; 26. Hornet genus; 28. Ninth-century founder of the Russian monarchy; 29. Id output; 31. Smear; 38. Work; 39. Skate; 41. Start of a little daredevil’s declaration; 42. Food fish of Australia and New Zealand; 45. Binge; 46. Ciao, in Chile; 49. Make OUTA check; 50. Little bit; 51. Wilson’s vice pres. THOS Marshall; 54. Sheet music abbr.

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