Double Duty

The Astronomical Clock on the Old Town Hall, Prague


Monday, October 29, 2007

Puzzle by Fred Piscop, edited by Will Shortz

It’s Monday, the weekend flew -- we need a special clock for the start of the work-week, one that serves double duty -- showing where did the time go, and what is ahead.

In today’s crossword four entries serve double duty : ...GENE...RATION (17A Allotment of heredity units?) without the space is, of course,
GENERATION without (and not needing) a clue. ...FORE...STATION (10D TV channel for golfers?), becomes FORESTATION of the eco type. ...CARBO...NATION (25d Pasta-and-potato-loving country?) is CARBONATION, and the amusing REV...ELATION (56A Preacher’s sky-high feeling?) aptly reads REVELATION. Very simple and simply very cool!

Now about that clock in the picture above -- in a comment this weekend, I was asked what something that I wrote had anything to do with the crossword puzzle at hand -- well, nothing! In this case, it’s just the kind of clock I’d like to answer to on Monday, instead of that mean-looking thing at the office!

The puzzle in less than a minute: People:
FANS, ROSA, ASHE, ELIA, REO, RAVI, IRENE, TOJO, AVIS, and LARA. Creatures: PIXIES, SEAHORSE, ASP and APE. Food and intoxicants: OKRA, OREO, PEA, OVO, PANATELA, SANKA, LAGER. Places: TONGA, HAVEN, and EAST. Actions and activities: USE, SEANCES, AROSE, SPIN, WARN, MOTOR, AVOW, SLAY, EVOKE, LIVESALIE, MAJOREDIN, WON, BLOTTO, LITUP, Battle of the SEXES, and REST. Showbiz: SRO, HITS, PIANO, OVER, TIER, OVAL. Technology: NASA, ENG, REACTOR, AERO, TETRA, EPA, SONAR. Finance: PER, LIEN, SPENT, COINS. Objects: REEL, TAMS, MAST. Wiggle room: LEEWAY and LEDGE. Look-a-likes: AWL and AWOL, ETAT and ETAS. Furrowed part of the head: BROW. This puzzle’s range: ATOB.