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Satan & Santa in Season!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Puzzle by Patrick Berry, edited by Will Shortz

Several years ago, my neighbor's children were told at church on Sunday that they could no longer wish for Santa to bring them something at Christmas because SANTA was an anagram for SATAN! Poor things!

Today's T.G.I.F. puzzle includes both SATAN (3D) and SANTA (46D), with a BEASTLY (22D) RAINYSEASON (30A) in between -- a stocking-stuffing colorful witch's brew of words et cetera!


. “It’s all here” sloganneer, once; 4. Frisky one; 8. Marie Osmond or Loretta Young; 14. “Elijah” or The Creation”; 16. Key on a cash register; 17. Drop a few positions, maybe; 18. Overprotect; 19. Maker of Kiwi Teawi; 20. Mystery author Dexter; 21. The Pacific Ocean’s only island kingdom; 22. It was good for Sartre; 23. One and only; 26. They’re staffed with doctors; 30. Bad time for a tropical vacation; 33. Lawyers with many assts.; 34. I.T. firm founded by Ross Perot; 35. Wine used to make zabaglione; 36. Soviet ERA; 37. Member of an extended familia; 38. Country that won the most medals at the 1980 Winter Olympics; 40. Reluctantly accepting; 42. First name in cosmonautics; 43. Major U.S. Spanish-language daily; 44. Rarely written-out Latin phrase; 48. “Wozzeck composer ALBAN Berg; 50. What stare decisis upholds the validity of; 52. Red line?; 54. Set of guidelines; 55. Mrs. Tony Blair; 56. Put forward; 57. Has trouble sleeping, maybe; 58. ALEC Ramsay (“The Black Stallion” hero); 59. Sorry.


Continue effortlessly; 2. Dog in Disney’s “Cinderella”; 3. “Paradise Lost” character; 4. Ultraloyal employees; 5. Passed on by taletellers; 6. Not full-bodied; 7. Wingtip tip; 8. Feeling no better; 9. “Man is a TOOL-using animal”: Thomas Carlyle; 10. Pass under the basket, maybe; 11. Is clueless; 12. Stout alternative; 13. Drift boat attachment; 15. Highest-grossing film of 1986; 20. Bridesmaid’s accessory; 22. Very disagreeable; 24. Hear; 25. Analytic work; 27. Soul singer who is also a coronated king of Ghana; 28. New rendering; 29.Near the bottom of the drawers?; 30. Take one more shot at; 31. It may be bid; 32. One of the “10 Attic orators”; 39. Tate MODERN (London art gallery); 41. Team that won the first A.F. L. Championship; 45. 1981 Literature Nobelist Canetti; 46. Stocking stuffer; 47. Fabric with the same name as a Scottish river; 49. French district that lent its name to a foodstuff; 50. “Fantastic!”; 51. Ne plus ultra; 52. Work within a company, say; 53. Density symbol, in physics; 54. Material at the basis of “Jurassic Park”.

...and the children? SAD (59A Sorry)!

Thomas Nast's Original 1863 "Santa Claus" Picture

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