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Image (click to enlarge): Dust ‘knots’ like these are a factor as we contemplate future probes moving at a substantial percentage of light speeds. Credit: NASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA).


Friday, July 27, 2007

Puzzle by John R. Conrad, edited by Will Shortz

Twelve entries sharing six one-square entries of the word “DUST” --

DUSTOFFS (4A Medevacs, in military slang);
DUSTUP (4D Quarrel) --

SAWDUST (9A Shop coat?);
DUSTCOVER (12D Furniture protector) --

BITTHEDUST (2D Went kaput);
DUSTYSPRINGFIELD (31A Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee known as the White Lady of Soul) --

INTERSTELLARDUST (37A Nebulous stuff);
DUSTBUSTER (42D Black & Decker offering) --

CHALKDUST (43D Classroom sneeze elicitor);
DUSTMOP (62A Janitorial tool) --

ENDUST (57D Cleaning product with the slogan “It’s that fast!”);
STARDUST (63A Big band era standard)

Squeezing one word, albeit small, into one crossword square is a clumsy affair -- the electronic on-line puzzle allows only the letter “D” -- making for a rather clumsy SECRECY (3D Opposite of openness); however, it does LIVEN (60A Make more interesting).

Other "dust" -- SOD (9D Plot thickener?); NIT (33D Thing to be picked); NOVA (52D Astronomer's study) (just that it fits nicely with "interstellar dust"; and things to make something else of dust -- ETCH (17A Sharply outline); DADO (19A Carpenter's grove); ATABOIL (10D Very, very hot); ADOBE (56A Reservation dwelling); WHIPSUP (49A Puts together in a hurry); ADZ (50A Wood smoother); HOSE (53A Rip off); SEED (61A Future shoot); SHEETS (14D What rain might fall in); SOPPEDUP (25D Absorbed); RESOLED (41D Put a new bottom on, in a way); and SPEEDY (45A Express) -- kicking up the dust!

Other stuff: NIT crosses dead center very nicely with POLITIC (36A Tactful); HITTUNE (46A Billboard listing) complements STARDUST; the pairs of HIES and LIES; ETRE and ALTE; ERROR and LIES.

The good words, or their clues: URIAH (15A Officer slain in the Old Testament);
PENTA (18A Prefix with -hedron); OSAKA (21A City of canals); CHEESES (24A Things wheeled in supermarkets?); HORMONE (27A Kind of therapy); HECTOR (29A Cow); CELEBS (44A People people); ARTICLEI (22D (It contains the elastic clause); FILCH (35D Cop); IRIDIUM (37D Metal in the points of gold pens); NETZERO (38D EarthLink alternative); and WEBER (49D Grill brand) -- only because I thought it was "TYSON". Well, now it's time to ENDIT (48D Get divorced) and get on with the day!

Excellent puzzle!

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